Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bad Advice

From a fortune cookie I got over a recent dimsum lunch:

Even if I weren't married, it would seem like a bad idea.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006


In a world of six billion people, each of us may be blasphemous to somebody for just existing. The Muslims who are outraged by "blasphemous" cartoons are probably offending others because of the meats they eat, the way they treat their women, and many other things that are core to their being.

Are we ready to say that people halfway around the world, living under different laws and practicing different religions, must somehow live the way we think they should, and vice versa? If so, Muslims better think twice, because the Christians still have more nuclear weapons.

Here's a novel idea: how about we understand that we choose our religions, and freely submit to its rules to enjoy its benefits and promises? How about we understand that somebody who freely chooses another religion, or even no religion at all, are not bound by our rules? Because we all offend somebody, and this just isn't going to work.

That Famous Book by Nabokov

A Taiwanese judge just acquitted a 26-year old man of statutory rape. He had sex with an 11-year old girl whom the judge thought looked 17 or 18. Whether or not the man faced three to ten years in prison came down to how old a random judge thought a girl looked? Even more stupidly, the alleged crime occurred in June last year, which means that the judge has to be extrapolating what a pre-teen looked like half a year ago.

The prosecutor has said she plans to appeal.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Zaku Warrior

For some strange reason, the first Zaku Warrior post disappeared.

Anyway, I bought this kit in Kobe, Japan more than a year ago, and finally got to it. Most of the parts have been airbrushed, but if you look closely you'll still see where my puttying mistakes are. The last photograph has been photoshopped to enhance the eye and remove some model-making mistakes. The actual figure stands about six inches tall.