Wednesday, June 28, 2006


San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom used this word several times this morning in a radio interview. It is used to mean "to provide incentive to," and I have heard several business executives use it, so there's probably no stopping it becoming a real word.

It's wrong on so many levels, though. First of all, "motivate" is a perfectly good word. Secondly, the "-ize" suffix means "to turn into", which is why "victimize" means "to turn into a victim." When an employee or citizen is "incentivized", they are not being turned into incentives! As with "motivate," which comes from "motive," the word should at least be "incentivate" if we really must have it.

Later, Newsom also used "incent," which apparently means the same thing. Both words are now in the American Heritage Dictionary. Sigh.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Suffer the Heatwave

It hit 91°F today in Fremont, and 95°F in Cupertino. First time this year I decided to turn on the air conditioner at home.

Yesterday, however, Nick Swisher hit two home runs in Colorado, the second one in the top of the 9th inning to tie the game. He also scored the winning run on a Bobby Kielty single after getting walked in the 11th inning. These are the only three runs the A's were able to score in the entire three-game series.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

By the Numbers

514 total pitches
114 at-bats
25 runners left on base
25 hits
19 batters walked
17 innings
12 pitchers
6 double plays
6 doubles
5 hours and 2 minutes
2 triples

In the end, the A's beat the Dodgers 5-4 in the bottom of the 17th inning, thanks to a Scutaro single, a Swisher walk, a Chavez walk, and finally a Crosby walk-off walk.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Sakura Wars Figure

My sister-in-law bought a set of three plastic figures, but didn't want to build and paint them anymore, so I inherited them. Here's the first one I just finished. This is apparently Shinguji Sakura from Sakura Wars. The plastic is a bit slippery and hand-brushed acrylic paint doesn't coat very well, so I airbrushed the pink and white parts. I had a hard time with the eyebrows, because I had to paint them freehand. It's a good thing they're partially hidden under the hair.

Friday, June 9, 2006

Another Crazy One

The A's played the New York Yankees at home tonight, with just five of their opening day starters in the line-up against Randy Johnson. They even had to send in Mike Rouse, who was called up from the River Cats just hours before the game. So what did they do? Bobby Kielty and Antonio Perez (1 for 33 before the game) decided to hit their first home runs of the season to add to Frank Thomas' 2nd inning lead-off home run. Jay Payton and Nick Swisher batted in two more runs to chase Johnson in just four innings.

Meanwhile, Dan Haren pitched 5.2 innings, gave up just one run, and struck out five. Unfortunately, the bullpen got itself in trouble by walking three and giving up four runs in the 7th inning. Ultimately they hung on to win 6-5, but the story of the night belonged to Mike Rouse, who was 3-3 with a double plus a walk, scored two runs, and even stole a base in his major league debut.

You almost have to start expecting superhuman efforts watching the A's play, when about a third of their games are decided by one run. When does this just become ridiculous?

Wednesday, June 7, 2006


We got a chance to watch a screening of Cars, and it does not disappoint. The story is quite American, as you might imagine, but the visuals are just stunning. Watch it on opening day. And then watch it again.