Friday, August 17, 2007

Are You Old?

The Compact Disc turns 25 today. Its creator Philips estimates that 200 billion have been sold worldwide. At 1.2 mm thick each, this means that if you stack them all up they'll form a plastic cylinder 240,000 km high, quite a bit more than halfway to the moon.

But more importantly, if you remember the CD as a new thing, ha ha, you're old.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why United Is Doomed

So for no real reason at all, I gave United Airlines a chance when considering an upcoming trip. Here's what it thought was a good idea when I allowed it to consider all San Francisco area airports:

It wants me to fly from San Jose to Los Angeles, and then back to San Francisco. SJC, for those who don't know, is 33.8 mi (54.4 km) away from SFO, perhaps 45 minutes' drive in moderate traffic.

What if I just catch the SFO-TPE flight like a sane person would? Well, avoiding the idiotic 6-hour-long SJC-LAX-SFO side trip will cost me US$44 more.