Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sakura Wars Figure II

This is Iris Chateaubriand, another figure from Sakura Wars. The figure is much smaller than the one of Shinguji Sakura, so the gloved hands are not molded as well. The arms also don't fit very well in their sockets, for some reason.

Spared the Knife

I had been reading a book called Coronary: A True Story of Medicine Gone Awry by Stephen Klaidman. The book digresses a bit too much for my taste, but his documentation of two doctors who performed hundreds of grossly unnecessary heart operations was just bone-chilling.

I was also supposed to be undergoing oral surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed, and since my consultation was over a year ago, they required me to get a fresh one before the operation. The surgeon looked me over, and said that I didn't need it. I didn't have major problems (such as pain or decays) with them, and I am apparently in a 15% segment of population with enough jawbone space to hold them. He decided that the loss of chewing surface wasn't worth the gain, and sent me home, turning away at least a couple of thousands dollars for the clinic.