Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kitten Update

Oh, and if you're wondering about our kitten, we tried a lot of things. We bought kitten milk replacement and tried to feed it with a little bottle. I didn't want to touch the kitten or risk a scratch, so I handled it with rubber gloves. It might have had a bit of the milk, but the little thing struggled mightily.

In the end, we just weren't sure that the mom was feeding it, so Mabel brought it to the Nine Lives Foundation in Redwood City.

Safety Net

The Bush government is now issuing all sorts of bailouts to financial institutions that have made horrible decisions during the housing bubble. That means US taxpayers will pay for all these mistakes.

The concept of a "safety net" is to prevent an acrobat from plunging to his death, not to prevent him from falling. People who bought houses they couldn't actually afford, similarly, shouldn't be rendered homeless, but neither should they be allowed to keep their houses. That's an injustice to people like us who were prudent, at times when buying a house at any price seemed to be a no-brainer.

The home buyers need to pay. They should not be saddled with crippling debt, but should lose their houses. The banks need to pay. The executives should be fired publicly, and bonuses they received during the bubble should be returned. The investors need to pay. Perhaps next time we'll learn to examine what it is we're investing in.

Anything less and no lesson will be learned.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


There's a palm-sized black and white kitty in the backyard. Its mother is a gray feral cat. The mother goes away once in a while, perhaps in search of food, and the poor kitty would whine a bit.

We're not really sure if we should intervene. It's not cold and doesn't seem to be immediately dangerous for the kitty, and we don't want to spook the mother into just abandoning the kitty.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

And There Was Light

The iPhone application store opened today. There are at least three applications, "Flashlight" from ExactMagic (US$0.99), "iBlackout" from Signs Studios (US$0.99), and "QuickLight" from Ken Torimaru (US$0.99), which turn your iPhone screen into a flashlight basically by drawing white all over the screen.

Pathetic. Apple seems to be trying to pad the total number of applications by allowing these worthless things to take up space in the store.

And if for some inexplicable reason you really want something like this, look for "Light" from Erica Sadun, which is free.