Friday, August 29, 2008


Eugenia reviewed an MP3 player on her blog, and said among other things:
  • "there is no documentation to tell us how to create and use the right formats the e-book, tel-book and video player. I tried both as WMV v8 and XViD at small resolutions/frame rate/bitrates, but nothing worked"
  • "there is a buzzing noise when the audio interface is up or you listen to low-volume music"
  • "it took minutes to copy a few songs over, much slower even than USB 1.1. Battery life is pretty low too, just 4.5 hours"
and in the end gave it a grade of 6/10.

Based on this review, I would say that it fails at its two primary tasks (playing audio and video), and performs poorly on an important secondary task (transferring audio and video). Six is a passing score, not meant for an audio player in 2008 that has a "buzzing sound" or a video player that an experienced geek and reviewer like Eugenia can't figure out how to use at all.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Could It Be?

I've long referred to Fremont as a culinary wasteland, but over the past two weekends we tried Carino's and Dickey's Barbecue Pit, and both turned out to be pretty good. I had pasta and italian soda (yummy, free refills, and you can pick another flavor) at Carino's and a rib (comes right off the bone like it should) platter at Dickey's.