Saturday, February 4, 2012

Obama Is...

Obama is socialist and anti-rich, but also guilty of bailing out the banks and car companies.

Obama is Muslim, but also guilty of his pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright saying "God Damn America!"

Obama is the food-stamp president, but Romney's not worried about the very poor because they have safety net programs... such as food stamps.

Obama is responsible for the bad economy and joblessness, but Bush is not responsible for not preventing 9/11.

Obama is responsible for the deficit due to spending too much, but Republicans don't contribute to the deficit by cutting taxes.

Obama is elitist, but sides too much with the poor.

Obama is connected to terrorists, but ordered the attack on Osama bin Laden anyway.

Obama is weak because he "leads from behind" in Libya, but is too radical and unwilling to compromise with Republicans.

Obama is gutting the military, even though the military budget of the past three years were US$794 billion, $848 billion, and $904 billion, respectively.

Obama is the worst president ever, even though he took office in the most severe recession since the Great Depression, with unemployment having shot up from 5% to 8% (and going) in the previous year, and the collapse of the housing bubble that was powering much of consumer spending. Oh, and two unfunded wars, unfunded tax cuts, and unfunded prescription drug benefits. But anyway, worse than the two-term guy who left him this mess.

How do you people get these straight in your heads without it exploding?