Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Put Down

I don't understand people who use the "she was wearing something provocative" defense to rape. If you can't be counted on to behave like a civilized person, if your primal urges are so strong that you should not be legally liable for your actions, then you can't be allowed to walk around freely. Do you not know what we do to untrained pets that bite other people?

Thursday, June 2, 2016



第一,司法制度並不完美。極權國家就不必說了,但是就是開明的民主國家,在法院的判決也只能到達「超越合理的懷疑」。也就是說,這個人要是真的無罪,只有不合理的解釋能成立才有可能。但是實務上冤獄總是難免,隨著科學發展,像  DNA 等證據更陸續開脫多名罪犯。今天的證據確鑿,明天可能就是無罪開釋。








Fucking Assholes

One of the more disheartening things about the rise of politicians like Trump in the US and Duterte in the Philippines is the speech. I'm just as allergic to political BS (often exemplified by the Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, just to name two) as anybody else, but being blunt does not mean being tasteless or offensive or racist or misogynistic. Political discourse had been dismal for years now, but this year it has literally sunken to grade school name-calling levels. (But Sanders and Clinton aren't calling each other nasty names, you say. Yes, you're right! The childish name-calling is a Republican thing tolerated by Republican voters.)

President-elect Duterte, for example, says patently stupid things like "complimenting" a rape-murder victim for her looks, and that he should've been first in line instead. He later also said that bad journalists (despite admitting having bribed some himself) can expect to be murdered. Trump, of course, is infamous for saying his own set of offensive things about Mexicans, Muslims, and many of his Republican competitors for the party nomination.

Since when is this okay? The opposite of political correctness is not unfiltered offensive speech. That doesn't make you blunt or honest, it makes you a fucking asshole.

I personally don't give a fuck about "the children", but you people who enable these fucking assholes better not whine when your own children start talking like them, because you cheered them on.