Friday, September 22, 2017

Internet Whispers

A professor in Economics at Harvard wrote an article in the New York Times that tries to correlate the frequency of "iPhone slow" searches to see if there's any truth to the persistent conspiracy theory that Apple deliberately makes older iPhones run more slowly to make customers buy new phones. The article cautions: "Data on search frequency would not allow us to infer intent. No matter how suggestive, this data alone doesn’t allow you to determine conclusively whether my phone is actually slower and, if so, why."

By the time the Daily Mail got to it, the headline is already "Does Apple deliberately slow its old models before a new release?" Okay, it's a leading question unsupported by facts, but perhaps not quite an outright lie yet.

Then in just one more stop, Deneb Verdad writes "Harvard Study Proves Apple Slows Down old iPhones to Sell Millions of New Models."

Thucking norons.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Narcissism, Greed, and Trump

I actually find it a little funny that Trump is trying to insist that he's not a white supremacist. He is so angry about it that he's picking a fight with an ESPN reporter, oblivious to how petty and beneath his office that behavior is to everybody except his idiotic supporters. (Yes, redundant. Yes, even you.)

It's funny because I actually believe him. To be a white supremacist means that you believe that the white race is naturally superior and entitled to stuff, and therefore that other races are inferior and not entitled. The extreme version of this belief is, of course, the extermination of the "lesser races" such as in the Holocaust. See, I don't actually think Trump believes this, because I don't think he believes anything at all. I think the reason he's friendly with white supremacists is only because they like him. In other words, what animates Trump is still narcissism and greed, not what we conventionally think of as racism. You think he actually cares about poor people, even if they're white?

What I'm trying to say is, "if they like me, they at least have pretty good taste" is the only thing that's going on in this infantile brain. The second he's presented with a deal that benefits him, he'll sell them out just like he sold everybody else out. He's not on your team because he's not on anybody's team, and never will be. Who do you know with a gold toilet has ever cared about anybody else?